Saturday, May 19, 2012

2 on 2

     Today was pretty cool.  This morning for the most part I just kind of hung out watching TV and eating cereal.  In the afternoon, around 2:00, though I went to the park and play some 2 on 2 with some friends.  The teams were me and my friend Ted vs Kyle and Virgil.  We ended up playing for 2 1/2 hours and by the end we were all exhausted, so we decided to go eat at our local Pizza Hut.  We sat there and talked for a bit while we waited for our pizza to arrive.  The pizza took a while to arrive but it was a damn good pizza.  Anyway I just got back 5 minutes ago so that was my day in a nut shell.


  1. Fred, you forgot to mention that Virgil and I won the game.

  2. -_- You just had to bring that up didn't you.

  3. Calm down I'm just messing with you... and everyone says that I'm the serious one.