Monday, May 21, 2012

Back from the Park

     Well as the title says I just got back from the park today.  The weather was so great that I had to go outside some so the park was the natural place to go but my mom made me take my little brother, Tim, too.  When I got there I just left my brother by the swings and the slide to play by himself. 
     I just wondered around the park taking in the sights.  If you haven't noticed yet I really like nature I don't know why but it really relaxes me like those one poets that wrote about nature can't remember  about their name.  So anyway I ended up sitting on a bench with a hot dog just staring a the scenery for about an hour or so.  May not sound like a good day to you but it was for me LOL.
     After relaxing I went to grab Tim so we could leave and found him sitting by some trees nodding to himself instead of by the slide.  Guess he likes it nature too...whatever.  Now I think I'll fix myself a snack.

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