Thursday, June 28, 2012


     I finally remember what that dream about the fire was and for real this time.  On November 14th my father really did die in a fire but that isn't the entire story there's more.  My dad died trying to save me from that bastard that is now haunting my brother.

     Seven years ago I had a friend he was invisible and odd but he was my friend.  He would play with me when Mom and Dad were too busy to and he would talk to me even though I don't remember what his voice sounded like now. He was my best friend back then. One day when I was watching TV my dad noticed me talking to my friend and wandered what my "imaginary" friend's name was. I told him Slender Man and he laughed thinking it was a funny name. A month or so went by and dad didn't notice anything but soon after he started to act different more distant, nervous. Looking back I think he started to see him too. Then one day I was talking to my friend who offered to take me away to somewhere else. Dad must have overheard because he came into the room yelling. I was stunned and didn't understand much of what was going on except that dad was pissed. Suddenly Dad lunged at Slender Man who struck him into a wall with a tentacle. I was scared and ran out to find Mom who was carrying my baby brother in her arms and yelling to get out of the house. When I was outside I saw that the house was on fire and Mom was yelling for Dad but sadly he didn't make it out on time. We move after that and I never saw my "friend" again. Until now.

Dad thank you for saving me.

Edit: Shit I missed more days that I don't remember. This is getting worse.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Today I went out with Emily. We went to the park, found a nice bench to sit on, and talked for a bit or at least I tried. I kept zoning out in the middle of the conversation not on purpose of course its just that my head still hurts making it hard to concentrate. I keep seeing these really creepy images like a blazing fire that looks like it's straight from Hell and Him looming over me while I'm in bed. Emily asked me if I was okay and I told her I had this horrible headache that had been bothering me for a while. She told me she was sorry to hear that and recommended that I go home to rest. I said that I was sorry about this but she said it was fine and that she understood. I hate that I had to end our date early damnit I hope this burning is gone soon.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Ouch my head hurts its been hurting all goddamn day. I don't even remember anything that happened today. It's all a blur, a big fluzzy blur. I remember images but they're not from today. Shit it still hurts. This is getting worse.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

He's Back

I wasn't able to get much sleep earlier because I heard my little brother talking to that thing during the night and it unsettled me and left me that way even after I woke up. So when I woke up I ate some breakfast (waffle with a bowl of cereal) before deciding to wonder around the town for a while to get things off my mind

I decided to go to lunch at Charlie's where I met Kyle. I had forgotten that he came back yesterday. He saw me and said hey I said hey back and asked what the first thing he did was when he got home. He said he got online to see the episodes of Korra that he missed and told me about the "brilliance that was the season finale" or something like that. I kind of zoned out like I normally do when he goes on like that. When he finished we talked about some other stuff and it was really nice to talk to him again and thank god he seems to have forgotten about this blog because I really don't want to know what would have thought about it.

I headed home after that and went up to my room where I saw that fucking shithead standing with fucking tentacles sticking out of his fucking back! These tentacles they were huge and there were so damn many of them that they seemed to cover my room in a blanket of shadows.

I let out a scream and fell backwards almost hitting my head on the wall behind me. My mom ran up to see what happened and I told her someone was in my room but when she looked he was gone. I quickly bullshitted something about my eyes having played tricks on me which seemed to have satisfied her enough. Damnit now I'm afraid to go into my own room.

Friday, June 22, 2012


Today I had a really odd dream not the one about my dad that I mentioned earlier in my blog but and entirely different one. I was in Italy but it was a mix of renaissance Italy with modern tech and I was one of Ezio's apprentices. My goal was to assassinate a wealthy banker who funded Templars so I climbed up a building got out my sniper rifle and missed when he moved a the last second and started to run.

I ran across multiple building for a few minutes just trying to catch up and when I did we dueled. We each pulled out our swords and fought but I was starting to lose so I pulled out my secret weapon . . . a gravity hammer(no idea where that came out from) and I won easily yay.

The rest of the day I just hung around my house and yeah the dream was the most exciting part.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Today I went out for a bit which was a major mistake because it was a hundred degrees outside today. I ended up stay at a ice cream store for an hour just to cool off and getting an extra large cup of cookie dough ice cream. That is all that was even slightly noteworthy today.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Me and Emily went to see Prometheus today finally.  The movie was really odd and a little hard to keep up with for a bot, but I still thought that it was a good film.  Emily had a much better time following but she did get a little grossed out during a certain part (you should know the one if you saw it) yet she said she still like the film.  It was really nice to be able to relax and enjoy a film with Emily after all the weird shit that has been going on lately I was really wishing that moment could go on longer but sadly it didn't.  Anyway that's all I have to say about that for today.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I stayed home to watch movies today on TV.  Tim wanted to go to the park and Mom asked me to go with him but I said no.  Mom was kind of shocked and asked me to go more but I said no and after a bit Mom gave up which I'm thankful for because I can't go back to where I first saw Him.  I looked went once for fresh air after Spawn ended and saw Tim talking to It again.  I know I should do something but I can't I am honestly to afraid to do anything.  Hopefully tomorrow will help me forget all this.  I'm going on that date me and Emily planned, we're going to go see Prometheus. 

Edit 9ish: Shit I just realized I didn't post anything about Monday and even worse I don't even fucking remember Monday. How can I not remember an entire day? God I need help probably from a psychologist.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Boring day which actually was pretty nice. I didn't do anything except watch TV. No sign of HIM today though I kept an eye out. That's all for to day.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I had ice cream today it was delicious and it felt great to go outside the house. I'm still pretty jumpy but I am slowly getting better mostly because HE hasn't shown up for a few days. I hope it will stay that way even though I know it won't. Anyway that's all for today.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Better I hope

Still feeling like shit but I came out of my room today. It took me an entire day to convince myself that nothing horrible would happen when I did. So I came out ate breakfast and when I didn't return to my room I think I saw Mom's jaw drop. I sat in the living room watching TV with Tim when I remembered that Tim saw the Slender Man too and wandered if I should ask him about it but I couldn't bring myself to ask for some reason. I guess I'm still afraid of that thing.

After that I noticed that Emily called me multiple times while I trapped myself in my room. I called her and she asked me what has been going on with me the last few days that she was worried (which is really sweet) and that my mom told her I was sick. I said that I was and it was really terrible but I'm better now and we set up a date for a couple of days. I thanked mom for not telling Emily what was really happening. She asked me what caused to act that way and I told her not to worry that it was over but she gave me a look that said "Sure it is but I'll give you some time to work it out on your own. I just hope that I really am better. I ended up just hanging round the house the rest of the day.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Somebody please please tell me I'm crazy please it couldn't have happened. Still there still watching aw god. I haven't done anything since it happened I've been in my room Mom's worried about me? Dammit where do I start?

Okay I was at the park like usual you know walking around enjoying nature and the fresh air. I met Ted there and we chatted for a bit and played basketball for an hour. I can't even remember who won anymore. So Ted left after a bit and I was leavng too when I saw him. The man in the suit that I've seen around town was up by some trees with his back to me and aw shit he turned and that was when I saw that that bastard had no face. NONE! I stood there in shock wondering what the fuck he was an alien, a monster, a ghost. Ah god I feel sick thinking back to that day. Then I saw Tim running up to that thing and started talking to it and I lost it I just ran and got the hell out off there.

When I got home I locked myself in my room and didn't even come out for food. I just spent it in bed. The next day I came out for breakfast mom kept asking me what was wrong but I couldn't tell her she would never believe me. Would she? After I ate I went back to my room trying to convince myself that he couldn't be real but I could see him out my window across the street "staring". still there now. I spent the rest of the time looking up this thing online out first I found nothing but finally I found something. Slender Man that's what people call him. God it scares me the more I learn the more I see him. I'm still in my room still hiding.

What should I d Help me please.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Today I didn't do much either. The only noteworthy thing I did today was go on a date with Emily at lunch. We didn't go anywhere fancy just to Charlie's for a slice of pizza. We talked for a while and laughed and well you know. Thats all for today.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Back on Track!

Yay I remembered to update on time. =)

Today was another I mostly played Devil May Cry 3 HD. I borrowed it from Ted who borrowed it from Andrew and so far it is proving to be quite a fun game even if I do suck at it. After that Kyle made me watch this new Tron show which surprisingly looks like it could be good. well that's it for today.


     Damnit I'm really slipping I missed an update twice in a row.  Please pretend this is written yesterday... again.

     Today I went to the mall with Virgil, Liz, and Kyle.  Ted and Andrew were out doing something else and Emily went to Hershey Park lucky.  We went around lunch grab some food at the food court duh I had a sub to eat. 

     After that we hung out in the mall's arcade for a while competing against each other.  You remember how I mentioned that Kyle and Virgil spend a ton of time going for the high score in PAC-Man well you should see it when Liz joins because she is a HUGE gamer.  We all fought each other to see who could get the best time in Tekken and Liz won by like thirty milliseconds with Kyle in second, Virgil right behind in third, and me in dead last like always.

     Afterwards we just explored the mall's other stores we went to some of the clothing stores I got a new hoodie which was kind of dumb considering that it is summer but oh well I'll be prepared for winter, Kyle went to the book store, and then we hit the food court again for some ice cream before we headed home. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


     Stupid me I forgot to post yesterday. -_-  Anyway pretend this was posted yesterday please.

     You guys remember when I went shopping well yeah mom when she woke up this morning told me that I bought the wrong brand for half the items that I bought *shrug* oh well what are you going do.  Afterwards I went to the park for the afternoon doing my whole nature enjoying thing staring at trees, soaking in the sun's rays, and such.  I saw Virgil there doing something I can't remember but we talked for a bit before he had to go.  That was my incredible exciting day.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Had to Shop

My mother made me go shopping at the grocery store for her because she was working overtime or something along those lines. The grocery store is about a five minute walk from the house so it didn't take long to get there. Now I've been to the grocery store before but I've never payed attention to what Mom buys. I was utterly lost when it came to what brand I should buy.

I spent an extra half hour just deciding what brands to get wow am I pathetic. So I went around looking at Mom's list, putting food in the shopping cart, and crossing items off the list. Yep.

While I was there I saw my freshman science teacher Mr. Smith and the guy from S.O.S. still in his suit looking at the ice cream. I guess this was his first time shopping too.

So when I was finally done I realize I had a problem I had no way of taking the groceries home. Luckily for me the manager is one of Mom's friends and he allowed me bring the cart to my house I just had to bring it back. My little brother thought I bought the shopping cart you should have seen the look on his face. So I brought the cart back and fixed dinner for me and my brother. Mom still hasn't gotten home.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I wonder if my teacher regrets having me write these everyday yet? I know I find it boring to write everyday that I woke up, ate something, did something to enjoy summer, and write about my day. I'm sure anyone reading this is annoyed by it to.

I spent today on the couch watching whatever was on TV and surfing the Internet. That was my exciting day -_-

Also I have one quick question. I overheard my little brother talking to himself earlier like there was someone else there, so is it normal for someone his age to have an imaginary friend?

Saturday, June 2, 2012


     Today I had the usual start you know get up, eat, watch TV, eat more so I skip that part for you guys.  The important part is that I went to see Men in Black 3 today with Emily, Ted, and Andrew.  I'm glad we finally saw it because I don't think Virgil could have stayed quick for any longer about the film which brings me to the page title.

     You know that friend you have that will see a movie or play a game before you and wants to tell you all about it and finally ruins that big what the fuck moment?  Yeah well that's Virgil.  Now I know that most people have a friend like that so I ask you the viewers of this blog to help me with the next big thing... VIRGILMUFFS!!!!  Virgilmuffs will look like normal large headphone but will allow all sound in so you can enjoy normal conversations except when your Virgil starts to spoil something.  That is when you'll press the the small button located on the side that will block all noise keeping you blissfully ignorant of the big surprise.  Please help turn this dream into a reality so that we can save countless people from "the Virgil".

     Anyway I like MIB3 I thought it was really funny and Andrew and Emily agreed with me but Ted didn't like it for some reason.  Well that is all I've got today.

Friday, June 1, 2012


Today I didn't do anything really it was an extremely boring day. Today I woke up to that dream again, the one with the fire, though I don't know why dad's birthday is over.

Afterwards I got on live and played Halo with Ted, Virgil, and Kyle for the rest of the day. Virgil kicked our asses racking up the most kills in single player but Ted got the most kills out of all of us on firefight. That was my day today.