Saturday, June 2, 2012


     Today I had the usual start you know get up, eat, watch TV, eat more so I skip that part for you guys.  The important part is that I went to see Men in Black 3 today with Emily, Ted, and Andrew.  I'm glad we finally saw it because I don't think Virgil could have stayed quick for any longer about the film which brings me to the page title.

     You know that friend you have that will see a movie or play a game before you and wants to tell you all about it and finally ruins that big what the fuck moment?  Yeah well that's Virgil.  Now I know that most people have a friend like that so I ask you the viewers of this blog to help me with the next big thing... VIRGILMUFFS!!!!  Virgilmuffs will look like normal large headphone but will allow all sound in so you can enjoy normal conversations except when your Virgil starts to spoil something.  That is when you'll press the the small button located on the side that will block all noise keeping you blissfully ignorant of the big surprise.  Please help turn this dream into a reality so that we can save countless people from "the Virgil".

     Anyway I like MIB3 I thought it was really funny and Andrew and Emily agreed with me but Ted didn't like it for some reason.  Well that is all I've got today.

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