Monday, June 4, 2012

Had to Shop

My mother made me go shopping at the grocery store for her because she was working overtime or something along those lines. The grocery store is about a five minute walk from the house so it didn't take long to get there. Now I've been to the grocery store before but I've never payed attention to what Mom buys. I was utterly lost when it came to what brand I should buy.

I spent an extra half hour just deciding what brands to get wow am I pathetic. So I went around looking at Mom's list, putting food in the shopping cart, and crossing items off the list. Yep.

While I was there I saw my freshman science teacher Mr. Smith and the guy from S.O.S. still in his suit looking at the ice cream. I guess this was his first time shopping too.

So when I was finally done I realize I had a problem I had no way of taking the groceries home. Luckily for me the manager is one of Mom's friends and he allowed me bring the cart to my house I just had to bring it back. My little brother thought I bought the shopping cart you should have seen the look on his face. So I brought the cart back and fixed dinner for me and my brother. Mom still hasn't gotten home.

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  1. Wait Mr. Smith is the Mr. John Smith my physics teacher? If you happen to see him again tell him Kyle says hello.