Thursday, June 7, 2012


     Damnit I'm really slipping I missed an update twice in a row.  Please pretend this is written yesterday... again.

     Today I went to the mall with Virgil, Liz, and Kyle.  Ted and Andrew were out doing something else and Emily went to Hershey Park lucky.  We went around lunch grab some food at the food court duh I had a sub to eat. 

     After that we hung out in the mall's arcade for a while competing against each other.  You remember how I mentioned that Kyle and Virgil spend a ton of time going for the high score in PAC-Man well you should see it when Liz joins because she is a HUGE gamer.  We all fought each other to see who could get the best time in Tekken and Liz won by like thirty milliseconds with Kyle in second, Virgil right behind in third, and me in dead last like always.

     Afterwards we just explored the mall's other stores we went to some of the clothing stores I got a new hoodie which was kind of dumb considering that it is summer but oh well I'll be prepared for winter, Kyle went to the book store, and then we hit the food court again for some ice cream before we headed home. 

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