Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Somebody please please tell me I'm crazy please it couldn't have happened. Still there still watching aw god. I haven't done anything since it happened I've been in my room Mom's worried about me? Dammit where do I start?

Okay I was at the park like usual you know walking around enjoying nature and the fresh air. I met Ted there and we chatted for a bit and played basketball for an hour. I can't even remember who won anymore. So Ted left after a bit and I was leavng too when I saw him. The man in the suit that I've seen around town was up by some trees with his back to me and aw shit he turned and that was when I saw that that bastard had no face. NONE! I stood there in shock wondering what the fuck he was an alien, a monster, a ghost. Ah god I feel sick thinking back to that day. Then I saw Tim running up to that thing and started talking to it and I lost it I just ran and got the hell out off there.

When I got home I locked myself in my room and didn't even come out for food. I just spent it in bed. The next day I came out for breakfast mom kept asking me what was wrong but I couldn't tell her she would never believe me. Would she? After I ate I went back to my room trying to convince myself that he couldn't be real but I could see him out my window across the street "staring". still there now. I spent the rest of the time looking up this thing online out first I found nothing but finally I found something. Slender Man that's what people call him. God it scares me the more I learn the more I see him. I'm still in my room still hiding.

What should I d Help me please.

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