Saturday, June 23, 2012

He's Back

I wasn't able to get much sleep earlier because I heard my little brother talking to that thing during the night and it unsettled me and left me that way even after I woke up. So when I woke up I ate some breakfast (waffle with a bowl of cereal) before deciding to wonder around the town for a while to get things off my mind

I decided to go to lunch at Charlie's where I met Kyle. I had forgotten that he came back yesterday. He saw me and said hey I said hey back and asked what the first thing he did was when he got home. He said he got online to see the episodes of Korra that he missed and told me about the "brilliance that was the season finale" or something like that. I kind of zoned out like I normally do when he goes on like that. When he finished we talked about some other stuff and it was really nice to talk to him again and thank god he seems to have forgotten about this blog because I really don't want to know what would have thought about it.

I headed home after that and went up to my room where I saw that fucking shithead standing with fucking tentacles sticking out of his fucking back! These tentacles they were huge and there were so damn many of them that they seemed to cover my room in a blanket of shadows.

I let out a scream and fell backwards almost hitting my head on the wall behind me. My mom ran up to see what happened and I told her someone was in my room but when she looked he was gone. I quickly bullshitted something about my eyes having played tricks on me which seemed to have satisfied her enough. Damnit now I'm afraid to go into my own room.

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