Friday, June 15, 2012

Better I hope

Still feeling like shit but I came out of my room today. It took me an entire day to convince myself that nothing horrible would happen when I did. So I came out ate breakfast and when I didn't return to my room I think I saw Mom's jaw drop. I sat in the living room watching TV with Tim when I remembered that Tim saw the Slender Man too and wandered if I should ask him about it but I couldn't bring myself to ask for some reason. I guess I'm still afraid of that thing.

After that I noticed that Emily called me multiple times while I trapped myself in my room. I called her and she asked me what has been going on with me the last few days that she was worried (which is really sweet) and that my mom told her I was sick. I said that I was and it was really terrible but I'm better now and we set up a date for a couple of days. I thanked mom for not telling Emily what was really happening. She asked me what caused to act that way and I told her not to worry that it was over but she gave me a look that said "Sure it is but I'll give you some time to work it out on your own. I just hope that I really am better. I ended up just hanging round the house the rest of the day.

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