Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Gathering

My family had a huge family get together today to celebrate Memorial Day. My uncle Tom and Will arrived early to see us because they live far away and rarely see me and my brother. Uncle Tom is really funny and can always make you laugh, while uncle Will is the kind of guy that can talk to anyone. A hour or so later my aunt Jenny and uncle Mark arrived and the rest of the family soon followed.

We all talked and caught with each other for a bit while uncle Will started barbecueing food. Tom snuck up behind him and dumped a container of Coke on him resulting in my entire family bursting out laughing. My cousin Jacob had a video camera and managed to video tape it. Uncle Will laughed too and got revenge when he burned all of uncle Tom's food.

Emily even stopped by and joined the party. She had a burger and talked with some of my family and got along with most of them(except grandpa Steve) pretty well. She hung around only for a half hour but I'm sure she had good time. Most of my family has left now by now and the rest are preparing to leave now.


  1. Glad to hear you had a good day again. Fred are you coming to S.O.S. Wednesday?