Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Birthday

     I had that dream again today, the one with the fire, it still scares me but now I know what it was about and why it unsettles me so much.  I can't believe I forgot it. 

     Seven years ago on November 14 there was a big fire at our old house.  My mother, my little brother, and me all made it out but my father was not as lucky and well he died inside.  It is really awful whenever I think back to that terrible day.   Tim is lucky he was too young to remember any of that day. 

     Today was my father's birthday.  My mom took the day off work like she does every year and me and Tim both stayed home today.  For most of the day we spent it alone in different parts of the house in that awkward silence.  Then at around five we all got sat at the dinner table and mom brought out a cake the said "Happy Birthday Roger!" which we ate after singing happy birthday.  Mom got a little teary while cutting the cake honestly I did too.  When we were done eating we all said a prayer for dad.  Usually I'm not a very religious person but today I am because I like to think that dad is enjoying the afterlife as much as a dead man can.  Anyway that was my day today.

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  1. Forgot to mention that I'm feeling. Well I'm not sick anymore anyway.