Sunday, July 1, 2012

Back Online

Sorry for the delay this time I didn't forget or have some blackout(well not that kind), we had a big thunderstorm Friday night that knocked out our power for the night then Saturday the Internet was down at our house until like an hour ago.

Friday I spent the day slightly on edge but still was doing better than the days before. I met up with Emily for lunch at the mall food court where we each got a small meal and we talked and laughed for what seemed to stretch on forever, and this may seem a little sad but that was honestly the best hour and a half of my life. After all that had happened a date with Emily was literally perfect, and we spent it in a mall food court eating cheap greasy fast food. Then around four it started to rain and hail followed by lightning which would continue all night. At seven the power went off which normally isn't too bad for me because I just grab my PSP and play Dissidia, but today it was worse because everytime I looked up or went around I corner I expected to see a certain tall and pall bastard standing there to greet me. Luckily I never saw him that night.

Saturday when I woke up the power was back on but the Internet still wasn't so I couldn't update. I started texting people to see how they were doing. Most of then were fine especially Kyle who was at his college orientation (Mis-something if you were wondering the name(sorry I don't remember myself)) so didn't have to worry about the power outage except Andrew who twisted his ankle. Nothing else to report for that day except that I saw Slender Man watching me in the kitchen when I went down for a midnight snack and I almost shit myself when I saw him.

Today I spent most of it at my grandparents' house because mom wanted to check on them. They were ok but kept us there longer than expected talking to mostly Mom while Tim and I watched their TV. We ended up spring four hours there before finally leaving. On the way back I kept seeing Him among the trees everytime I looked out the window which means he must have been moving at impossible speeds. Anyway like I said the Internet came on about an hour ago I thought I should post an update.

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