Sunday, July 8, 2012

Test Results

Decided to put my theory about how the Slender Man won't follow me in a group to the test today. I called my friends and told them we should all go to the mall a lot of them were surprised to hear from me sense I've been kind of distant lately but were happy to accept my offer. By the time I was done we had ten people that argued to come along not including me, and agreed to meet at noon and raid the food court for lunch.

We got there, put two tables together, got our food, and then sat down to talk. We were talking about stuff like new episodes of shows, video games, and each other of course. It was fun even though I had difficulty focusing but I didn't see Him anywhere around me which was a good sign.

After we were done eating we split into small groups and went to different stores. My group hit the video game store, the arcade, and the book store for Kyle. Andrewcurrently has the highest score in PAC-man btw.

After an hour we met back up at the food court where we show off what we bought or what we wanted to by buy but didn't have the money to get. We all stayed there for an half hour which was by far the worst part because that is when He showed up. As if to mock my theory He stayed close to us and would even stand right behind people without the noticing. He even to to circle us almost as if we were prey. All the while people continued to look right through Him except there was this one moment where it looked like Kyle could see Him giving me a shred of hope but it died quickly. The feeling of being the only one that could see this monster in a large group of people was what's the word suffocating I guess. It's hard to describe.

After the the thirty minutes pasted pasted be all started to say goodbye which is when I blacked out. I woke up in Kyle's car with him and Emily seeing if I was ok. I was told I had been out for only a minute and asked what caused it. I told them I had no idea because I honestly didn't I just went cold then collapsed. Kyle was nice enough to drive me home where I've been staying in bed resting. So to end this message.

Experiment = failed

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