Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Yesterday was an uneventful day with nothing worth noting so I didn't bother posting. Then I woke up in the middle of the night to pee and on the way back to my room I heard my little brother talking in his room. To Him of course. Like I've mentioned at least once before its hard to understand the conversations seens I can only understand half, but from what I could pick up it sounded like he was being asked to leave again and worse that Tim might accept. I kind of had a flashback of when I almost accepted his offer and Dad's reaction to it. How it killed him.

I wonder what Mrs. Taylor thinks about this blog. Does she believe me when I say all this is real or if she believes that this is a shitty written horror story? Oh well I guess it doesn't matter anyway sorry for getting off track and rambling.

Anyway despite the fact I knew it wouldn't end well I let my anger get the best of me and I charged in with a baseball bat I had gotten from my room when I first heard them talking. I rushed in then swinged my bat as hard as I could aiming for that douche's blank head, but somehow I missed despite the fact it looked like He didn't move. Suddenly a tentacle shot through me or at least it felt like it went though me though I don't think it really did either way I froze feeling that same feeling everytime I felt His soul sucking tentacles. He looked like he was about to kill be when Tim gently said "don't hurt him". Slender Man stopped for a moment then placed his finger on my head and I blacked like at the mall. I woke up again this morning scared wondering what to do. I believe this is the night that Slender Man might take Tim and I need to know what to do. Should I fight to protect Tim and likely die in the process or maybe run and hope escape this madness? Hell maybe I should end this myself wouldn't that be preferable to the other two options? Whichever I pick it'll end badly.

Goodbye Ted and Kyle you were great friends. Goodbye Mom I'm sorry this will have to end this way. Goodbye anyone who was reading this a silently cheering me on. Emily I love you and I'm sorry I shrugged you off lately but it was to prevent your life from becoming a Hell too.


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  1. Oh my god she was right about what happened. This explains so much oh what's happened. Shit that means I have to stop her before she does something stupid!